What is the Best Way to Eliminate Data?

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What is the Best Way to Eliminate Data?

What is the Best Way to Eliminate Data?


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 You may be thinking what is the best way to eliminate your precious and valuable data and how reliable the process are.
Well, here are some ways you might have considered before but not as effective as you may think.



Data Destruction vs. Hard Drive Destruction


Physical Destruction

Physical Destruction

Hard drives and even tiny fragments of hard drives can contain reams of pages
of data on them, which can be recovered using downloadable software off the
internet or sophisticated recovery tools.



Shredding hard drives is insufficient for today's technology, as a modern hard drive
can store 600,000 pages of data on a 2 millimeter-wide shred particle.
That's a particle smaller than a grain of rice!



Yes, incineration will destroy a magnetic hard drive, but for incineration to work,
the data platters inside the hard drive must reach at least 670 °C.


Choicest Practice to Eliminate Data is

Degauss before you Destroy 02



Now You Can Degauss Before You Destroy
with our Datumstruct Media Eliminator Cart Package


- NSA Degausser
- NSA Physical Destroyers
- Verification System
- SSD Media Sleeves
- 3-Tier Mobile Cart

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