DCIM As A Service





For data centers, the most crucial lesson drawn from COVID-19 is to be always vigilant and prepared for extremely challenging and unexpected scenarios. The technology for remote asset management and monitoring has always been available. The crucial difference is that many data centers that made it through unscathed have already been using the technology.


With a stellar 24-year track record of designing remote monitoring and remote management solutions, RF Code has helped the world’s biggest data center operators improve efficiency, save money, reduce risks and comply with regulations. RF Code uses patented active RFID technology attached to valuable critical assets to track them wherever they may be located. Our software suite harnesses advanced AI and machine learning modules, rendering them ideal for use in edge server rooms and hyperscale computing.


Our full suite of data center solutions delivers automated real-time asset management, environmental and power monitoring that eliminates the need for costly and error-prone manual processes. RF Code expertly deploys sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, hot aisles, returns, ducting, and cooling systems. Our data capture and reader systems work in tandem with a dashboard-based monitoring desk.


RF Code’s powerful reporting capability tools affords data center service providers a bird’s eye view of their infrastructure and business position. Companies are thus in pole position to measure the data against any metric and KPI to identify potential hurdles, address issues, discover insights, and grow their business.


Data centers are vast and complex, populated by various hardware and software configured to different specifications. Their environmental conditions vary, not just from area to area but also from rack to rack. Simple oversights can lead to fluid leaks and damage to critical and expensive assets and infrastructure.


RF Code takes care of your data center needs through our range of cutting-edge solutions. Whether it’s automated real-time asset tracking and management platforms or real-time remote power and environmental monitoring tools, our video visibility services enable smart problem detection and resolution, increased workforce efficiency, instant alerts for remote, lights-out, and unstaffed locations.


During this time of global turmoil, as the exclusive distributor of RF Code in South East Asia, we want to help you stay operational and serve your users around the clock. Want to learn how easy it is to deploy and use real-time asset tracking and monitoring in your data center?


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