Manage Your Unstructured Data with Quantum

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Manage Your Unstructured Data with Quantum



Unstructured data is rapidly growing - straining IT resources - in all industries, and its dramatic growth is projected to continue.

The sheer scale of the data, and its growth rate, is forcing IT organizations to re-architect their storage infrastructure.




Quantum Storage
Leader in Video and Unstructured Data Solutions



Quantum's archive solutions integrate disk storage with low-cost on-site and off-site storage for accessible, long-term retention

and protection of unstructured data, enabling the retention of more data for longer with easy access for its users.




Value Propositions


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Reduce Storage Cost

Multi-tier storage solutions with
hybrid disk storage for active
content integrated with lower
cost storage tiers 
(cloud, object, or tape)
for less-active content.

Automate Data Management
and Protection

Protection Policy-based data
tiering and data protection ensures 
data is stored on the most
appropriate storage technology 
and is protected without the 
need for backup software.

Easy Access

Content is transparently accessible
and searchable by users and 
applications regardless of storage
location, ensuring fast access
to all content with no change in 
user behavior.


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Cloud Made Easy

Automate data movement into
and out of the cloud service of
your choice (AWS, Azure, Google,
C2S, GovCloud) based on user
defined policies.

Seamless Integration
and Scale

Easy integration into existing
NAS architectures, support for
all major platforms and
operating systems, and scale
without disruption.